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There are many steps involved in letting go of anger. The very first step is to realize that anger is a toxin. It is not a source of strength or power, but can become an addiction. Something that hinders our well being and stops our life from moving forward.

There are definite steps we can take to undo anger. In order to begin a new chapter and to build a positive relationship both with ourselves and others, it is necessary to begin this process. Here are a few steps one can take to begin.

Put An End To The War

1) Stop Blaming – It is absolutely pointless for you to blame yourself or your partner. Blame stops you from seeing the truth. While we are busy pointing fingers and making the other feel guilty, we cant see what is really going on. Blame is a way to keep the fight alive. TAKE A VACATION FROM BLAME FOR ONE DAY. Instead of thinking of all the ways the person has hurt you, keep your eyes open to watch how you may be stoking the fire yourself.

2) Realize The Price You Are Paying For These Fights - Unless we truly realize the terribly toll fighting is taking on us, we will continue without resistance. Consider the consequences each fight brings, what it is doing to your body, mind and spirit. Then ask do I truly want this? Haven’t I suffered enough?

3) Know There Is A Better Way - You have to become aware that there is a better way to be in a relationship. This is the time to expand your view. Define success as being happy rather than being right. Learn other tools and techniques which will de-escalate anger and make a positive relationship possible for you.

4) Build A Strong Sense of Self-Worth

The basis of all good relationships is a feeling of worthiness, a desire to honor, gift and pleasure yourself, and to do the same for the other.

Are you ready to take the right steps to overcome your relationship challenges?